Alien Born Infants Are Illegal Too!!!!

U.S. Library of Congress in Washington D.C. says “aliens are excluded from being citizens”
by:  Michelle Dallacroce, MAIA – 4/27/07
Thanks to the hundreds of great legal citizens of the United States, grassroots organizations and the 35+ radio stations that went to D.C. – we made a POWERFUL IMPACT! Michelle Dallacroce, President of MAIA went to the Library of Congress and researched the 14th Amendment and the Congressional Records/Globe.  She has uncovered the clear defense which, without a doubt – PROVES that Illegal Alien Infants. aka. Anchor Babies – ARE NOT citizens.  Based on the first sentence in Section 1, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is…..a citizen of the United States.”   In the book titled “Constitution of the United States of America, Analysis and Interpretation,”  Page 1672, Par. 3, line, 5, states, “The requirement that a person be “subject to the jurisdiction thereof,” however, excludes its application to children born of diplomatic representatives of a foreign state, children born of alien enemies in hostile occupation,” or children of members of Indian tribes subject to tribal law.”
Section 5: Page 2036, Paragraph 1 of the Library of Congress’ Law Library book entitled as referenced above:   “The Congress shall have the Power to enforce by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.”   It is CLEAR, the 14th Amendment and the language used explicitly excluded “aliens” and their offspring, not legally within the United States – from citizenship.  Our founding fathers did not have crystal ball to predict that 30 million illegal aliens from Mexico, China, Ireland and every other country would be using the birth of a child to violate the laws of the United States for sympathy and as a means to remain in the USA – and by intent and design – change the face of our nation by strong arming the American people in the name of family and child.
There can be no argument that Illegal Aliens fall in the ”alien” category which is specified in the documents pertaining to the 14th amendment – held in trust for the American people in the Library of Congress in our Nation’s Capital.   The fact that our forefathers did not explicitly state that the Infants of Illegal Alien Female’s were included in this sentence, DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY ARE NOT EXCLUDED.
Aliens, NOT LEGALLY PRESENT IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, as opposed to those who are – such as a Resident Aliens – are one in the same, regardless of whether it be for “hostile occupation” or for “designed repopulation” for hostile purposes.  The bottom line is, Alien means Alien – and all Aliens not legally present in the United States – to include ILLEGAL ALIENS and the children born of Illegal Alien parents –  are clearly EXCLUDED for Citizenship and Residency in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
Section 5 gives Congress the “exclusive” authority to define, expand or limit the terms set forth in the 14th Amendment and its applications under our Rule of Law.  In 2007, we find that the United States of America is being willfully and deliberately populated to facilitate the hostile occupation – and the Colonization of our Country by a large number of  ILLEGAL ALIENS – males,  females and infants and anchor babies who have – unlawfully INVADED OUR NATION.
By the Constitutional authority vested in the United States Congress under Section 5 of the 14th Amendment, MAIA, as a legitimate representative of thousands of American voices – submits for redress of grievances – and for the IMMEDIATE consideration by the Congress of the United States – a formal request for an addendum via a clarifying statement to the 14th Amendment that will, in affect, encompass every definition attributed to the words and terms associated with ALIENS who have entered, who are currently present and who will enter the Sovereign Territory of the United States of America – Illegally – and to include their offspring who were, are and will be born of Illegal Alien parents within the Sovereign boundaries of the United States of America.
Senator Howard of Michigan stated it best and with great clarity when he proffered that “….it takes a citizen to make a citizen….”  The pundits of today, are living in denial – and they would have Pirates, Profiteers and Pandering Politicians  change the meaning of our great foundational documents to accommodate their Marxist-Socialist vision of the American dream – and turn our Nation into another 3rd World landfill.  THIS WE CANNOT ALLOW – EVER!!
The true character of a Nation requires that the People’s Representatives make no laws that abridge the rights and privileges of its citizens and that they faithfully execute their sworn duty and obligation to ensure that the Rule of Law is respected and that it remains the vanguard of our Nation.  In our form of government – our elected officials must be ever mindful that we are not a democracy, where a handful reign over the majority, but rather that we are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC from which the elected derive their authority from those that have elected them.
WE THE PEOPLE is not a literary error.  It is a statement of fact!!  The Founding Fathers did not limit the authority and the power of the people (see the 9th Amendment).  They limited the authority and the power of those who operate the government on behalf of, and for the benefit of the People.


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