MAIA Exposes The Myths Surrounding Elvira Arellano

Mothers Against Illegal Aliens has always been, is and will always be about truth and justice!  Elvira Arellano has been running from the truth and evading justice which Mothers Against Illegal Aliens has clearly demonstrated to the Citizens of America.  Since last years Illegal Alien marches around the County, L.A., Phoenix, Chicago, and more – supporters of illegal immigration believed that they had enough of their population in the USA to take over and squeeze through another amnesty.  Mothers Against Illegal Aliens came out publicly during the April 2006, marches and vocalized, visualized and made America realize that illegal aliens were not just men – but that they were women and children who were illegal aliens too! Elvira Arellano came out of the shadows – if you will – with a message to “Save the Family” when Americans started questioning what the real status was of  “anchor babies.”  MAIA brought it to light and exposed it for what it is.   Mothers Against Illegal Aliens showed America the words, statements and language which negates every argument that claims that Arellano and/or her son belong in the USA.  Elvira and her son are here under false pretenses.   MAIA asked America to wake up….And it did!   During August of 2006, Arellano started to hide out with her partners in crime, the Rev. (pretend I’m a minister) Slim Coleman and his wife Lorenzo.   Other than creating a stage to get some attention, Arellano has systematically attempted to run from and to hide from the truth that MAIA uncovered and showed to the world. Arellano then focused on the “family and not breaking them up.”   This is nothing more than deception and cheap window dressing!!  No one is breaking up families other than Arellano.  In fact, she in no way shape or form has produced a biological father for this so-called American citizen – and instead, places this child on the footsteps of the USA to become the surrogate father to himself and surrogate husband to his mother – when indeed, he is nothing more than another Illegal Alien welfare child being used by his mother to further her claim that she is somehow entitled to remain in the USA in opposition to laws which she claims are inhumane.  Such rot!!!  She knows what Mexico offers and wants to bring the same 3rd World lawlessness to America.  She will never succeed – not even if she is able to pay off all the pandering politicos in Chicago – DC and in Mexico City!! MAIA refuses to allow women like Elvira Arellano to transport their children over the borders, or by deliberate and wanton impregnations – to steal public services and lay claim to U.S. Citizenship – by birthing them in the USA in order to further their demand that they should be allowed to remain in the USA regardless of their illegal immigration status or the lawful deportation and removal actions levied against them.  In the link below, you will find a slideshow which was on the web – put together to air Arellano’s reasons for breaking our laws while we are forced to look into her world of heartbreak and sorrow.   Needless to say, legal Americans have lives of heartbreak and sorrow and struggle too, which is no less harsh, or any different than Elvira’s and that of millions of other people around the World.  However, in Elvira’s case – she is seeking, not DEMANDING preferential treatment.    Just because she is a woman/female with child is no reason that the USA should ignore the LEGAL women/females and LEGAL children in the USA.   MAIA, along with Michelle Dallacroce and all her supporters and associates through the past several years have fought long and hard, labored long hours and traveled throughout the country to shed light on the reprehensible injustices which Elvira Arellano has so arrogantly laid at the feet of our Citizens, our Nation, and our Republic. The Mothers and Families who are aligned with, represented by and supporters of MAIA have consistently stated that women like Arellano are not going to be allowed to “race bait” the Nation or undermine our Rule of Law by such publicity-seeking antics and out and out disrespect and disregard for our National Sovereignty and Laws. The People of America have spoken, not once; not twice, but three times in the past 1 1/2 years…..We do not want Illegal Aliens or the rest of the Elvira Arellano’s of the World in the USA unless they come here with our permission – legally and within the laws of this nation.   The day has come for Elvira and Saul to return to the land of their birth and heritage and for us to bid them

goodbye and good riddance.

ICE HOTLINE:  1-800-973-2867
This is the communication office, therefore you must ask for the “Duty
Agent” for the city your reporting her in and they will transfer you to that

The “Rule of Law” is the “Law that Rules”.

There is no more story.
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